Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Louisville Steampunk Tea Party - 2011

Waterfront Park on September 18th

Steampunk tea party 2011, Waterfront Park, Louisville, Ky! Come find us on the great lawn and party with us. We will be there until we are ready to go after sun down!

Last years party was awesome, let's get this year one step closer to taking over the whole park. Even security at the park ended up keeping an eye out on us and were very welcoming.

Bring your favorite teas to share, snacks and pastries. Bring blankets or chairs, plates and cups, anything else you find necessary! Wear the most avant-garde, steampunk, and eccentrically classy fashion you can bear.

Robert and I will get a hold of another big cambro full of hot water, amongst other things. If you have a way of transporting hot water, please do so!

If you are a vendor, performer, designer, or do ANYTHING pertaining to this and want contribute to this event please let us know. We are working on finding more people within this community that have things to share.

There is no cover to this party, and children are welcome. See you then!

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